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Editor's Diary
FSJ April, 2013

When the law seems to be different for those with means and political reach, there is resentment even in the most ardent admirer standing on the street. When the influential (Sushil Kumar Shinde, Justice Katju, glamour-connected Rajeev Shukla, even comedian Digvijay Singh) and the famous (Jaya Bachchan’s announcement that she’ll demand a pardon from the Governor; Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgn, Salman Khan and their ilk flexing their collective power) gang up to seek presidential or gubernatorial pardon for a privileged citizen, the common man who can never hope for similar recommendation, is wistful about the equality of the law.

As against this, if someone as well-heeled and well-connected as Sanjay Dutt were to humbly accept the Supreme Court’s verdict and quietly let his lawyers explore all legal options available to him (options that are available to every citizen), he wouldn’t ever have to keep looking over his shoulder to see when a Dr Subramanian Swamy might go to court against a privilege accorded only to him. After 20 anxious years when he could never be sure of which way his life was heading, one would think Sanju would opt for the cleanest option that would ensure closure once and for all.

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Bharathi S Pradhan
Editor, The Film Street Journal

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