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Sizzling This Month
FSJ April, 2013

My First Autograph
“Was signed sometime in 1988-89, when I was still in college. My cousin and I were participating in the Himalayan Car Rally and as we were crossing Shimla, we stopped at a point where there was a big crowd, especially of school children. And they came to me for my autograph! I was surprised ‘coz I was not a known face but it was fun.

“I signed my first autograph as an actor during the shooting of Maachis. We were filming in Kota, Rajasthan, at the Central Jail with Chandrachur Singh and Tabu. On location there were lots of people, the jail officials’ families were also there. When I was introduced to them, all of them asked for my autograph. It was an amazing feeling that though my first film was still to be released, here I was signing autographs. That was a memorable moment for me.

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