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Editor's Diary
FSJ March, 2013

It is entirely coincidental that this month we have a strong Bengali presence on our pages. As it turned out, we got this delightfully topical interview with elegant Padma Bhushan awardee, Sharmila Tagore, who rightly observed, “Whenever there is a heightened moral panic – as it is happening now – we only look at women and their clothes.” Tearing into the double standards that prevail here where her own son, Saif Ali Khan was applauded for his performance even if he started off Omkara with the ‘c’ cuss word, she questioned, why were there frowns when Konkona used the same lingo?

Once that copy was snapped up and filed, we ran into the chirpy Moushumi Chatterjee who represented a generation after Sharmila. An extremely talented actress who never allowed her career to blossom fully, she was characteristically full of beans and had much to say about her yo-yo relationship with Aparna Sen, a fellow Bengali who has consistently combined chic with  cerebral cinema. After directing her in The Japanese Wife, Aparna has returned to Moushumi for a strong role in her next film, Goynar Baksho (Jewellery Box, in Bengali). The blasé bluntness of Moushumi’s chatter will give you a feel of what the ambience on that set must have been like, where talent and tantrum had a field day. And, we got the most exclusive photographs from the set to go with the copy.

Practically hours before we went into print, Bipasha Basu met our young staffer, Priyanka Ketkar, and she spoke with such forthright warmth that it became our cover story almost overnight.
Thus, three different generations of Bengali women achievers, each with something exclusive to contribute to FSJ, have come together in this issue. Anondo kori (enjoy), as our Bong friends would say.

Read the entire article from the Editor Bharathi Pradhan’s desk…

Bharathi S Pradhan
Editor, The Film Street Journal
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