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Editor's Diary
FSJ February, 2013

The big cliché of the season has been rape and the ensuing debates on “changing the mindset” (how I hate the expression) towards women.

But how many walk the talk and do something about it instead of filibustering on the streets or breaking into sobs over a young rape victim who died after gang rape and brutalisation of her body?

We say, enough is enough, and no more pointing fingers at anybody else before we turn the searchlight inwards. The question to raise is, what changes can each of us make to dignify a woman’s place in the world?

FSJ, a working women’s stronghold, will keep using its pages to bolster a new, corrected picture of women. It does not mean that we’ll get moralistic – there will be no moral policing like a Taliban cop or a Hindu right-wing godman. Bikinis are just as fine as John Abraham’s biceps. As Anushka Sharma pertly demanded, if we can ogle Ranveer Singh’s bare torso, why can’t she flaunt a bikini? So junk the moral preaching.

We have a few choice Hindi film phrases which we cannot tolerate anymore for they have helped perpetrate fondly-held beliefs against the female gender.

1.    ‘Beti, ab sasural se sirf teri arthi uth sakti hai’
2.    ‘Beti paraya dhan hoti hai’
3.    ‘Hum ladkiwale hain’
4.    ‘Tu kahan se mooh kala karke aayi hai?’
5.    ‘Aurat pair ki jooti hai, pati parmeshwar hota hai’

To be proactive instead of passing the blame, for the first time anywhere in the country, FSJ has begun a watchdog vigil over Hindi cinema to keep hammering home the point that such an effective medium should be repeatedly used to correct the picture about women.   

We’ve already begun the process. Turn to Page 54 and linger on our new column, aptly named Herspective, by feisty feminist and cinema watcher Deepa Gahlot. Well written, well thought out and well presented for easy and brainy reading.


Prominent films will be rated on their Sexuality Sensitivity on a scale of 0 to 10.
Strictly as a sample, we gave Inkaar an SS Rating of 6/10  in our weekly newsletter* only because it did not take sides in the gender battle in the boardroom.
Our new Herspective columnist, however, wanted to give it 1/10 (read her reasons in Herspective).
Viva la difference!

*FSJ’s weekly newsletter is emailed every Friday, free of charge, to a wide variety of readers for a quick update on the latest releases and news of the week. If you’d like to be on this list, pl email your name and email id to editorial@thefilmstreetjournal.com.



Women wear only long slits in their gowns and seduce dissenters in the board room by dating them and shooting them without remorse.
In Race 2, while the guys strut their bods and flex their crooked brains, the girls come off worse than proverbial blondes. Whether  Deepika Padukone, supposed to be as ruthless at business as her stepbrother John Abraham but never once shown to make a smart professional move, or Ameesha Patel, the air head, who only wants to get her boss into bed, they don’t share even one grey cell between them.
Ab bus, Mustan!


Despite a well-timed release on a three-holiday weekend after a famine of big films, Race 2 will still lose the race. Two culprits: the heavy price (cost: over `92C) and style without suspense in the screenplay. Recovery will be difficult.

Bharathi S Pradhan
Editor, The Film Street Journal

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