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Bumboo  : Bum Trip
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Friday, March 30, 2012
Slice of life
Jagdish Rajpurohit
Kavin Dave, Sanjay Mishra, Sharat Saxena, Sudhir Pandey, Sumit Kaul, Mandy Takhar
It would require Sri Sri saintlike tolerance and a taste for the gross to sit through this breaking wind level of humour.

The plot: Suresh Sudhakar aka SuSu (Kavin Dave), a press photographer, is assigned to go to Goa to take pictures of scamster Manu Gupta (Sudhir Pandey) during a court hearing. The big daddies of the scam who don’t want to be exposed, despatch sharp shooter Mangal Singh (Sharat Saxena) to dispose of Manu before he opens his mouth. SuSu and Mangal have their rooms next to each other and the photographer ends up messing up the whole plot.

The good: The opening credits mention that it is based on an original story by French writer-director Francis Veber, so you actually feel optimistic that something good might come your way. But the feel-good factor lasts only till the credits end. Veterans like Sharat Saxena and Sanjay Mishra make efforts to put in a bit of substantial acting.

The bad: It’s more like an inter-school spoof competition than a feature film. Once again, Hindi cinema’s tired formula of 100 characters and unending confusion is passed off as comedy. Worse, a man puking on another with the puke in close-up or a man sitting on the pot making the grossest noises or a screechy siren (Mandy) spilling out of her clothes, is the brand of ‘humour’ on the menu. Don’t even bother about the story and the screenplay as they don’t exist here.

Overall: Someone sure deserves a kick in the rear (bum) for making this one. Lick your elbow, count red cars on the road or tie and untie your shoelaces for better entertainment.

– Pooja Thakkar

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