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Kucch Luv Jaisaa  : Kucch movie jaisa
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Friday, May 27, 2011
Romantic comedy
Barnali Ray Shukla
Rahul Bose, Shefali Shah, Sumeet Raghvan, Neetu Chandra
As the movie takes you through a single day, February 29, even two hours seem too long as you wait for the film to end.

The plot: Madhu (Shefali Shah) a capable homemaker, bored with the monotony of her life, hits her endurance limit when her family (read: husband and kids) forget her birthday, February 29, which she celebrates once in four years. Determined not to let her family ruin her special day, she sets off on her own, indulging herself and doing things she would never otherwise dare to do. Like for instance chatting with a total stranger Raghav (Rahul Bose). She assumes he’s a detective and requests him to let her join him and be a part of his case for the day. He obliges. The film describes how they spend the day.  
The good: It’s a refreshing change to see Shefali Shah in a glam avatar, playing her age. Sumeet Raghvan as Sharavan Saxena, Madhu’s husband, pulls off his brief role decently. The music is the only saving grace, but this too swings between average and good. The concept is novel, but somehow as a combined whole, things do not work out for this film.

The bad: Inching ahead at a snail’s pace, the movie lacks a story. It never rises above the ordinary, nor does it stir up audience interest. At no point is the viewer curious about what will happen next. Random events like a stranger proposing to Shefali Shah’s character make you wonder whether all this is actually happening. Rahul Bose disappoints. His predictable serious, brooding look highlights the lack of variety in the characters he plays. Strictly multiplex material, this one might have difficulty finding takers even among Rahul Bose fans. On the whole, the film fails to reflect the efforts put into filmmaking with its casual, disinterested attitude.

Overall:  Pay for this one if you plan to steal forty winks in the comfort of an air-conditioned theatre.

– Nikita Periwal

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