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Love Express  : Boring journey
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Friday, June 10, 2011
Comedy / Romance
Sunny Bhambani
Sahil Mehta, Vikas Katyal, Mannat Ravi, Priyum Galav, Om Puri
Loads of loud Punjabis embark on a surprisingly monotonous train ride from Amritsar to Mumbai.

The plot: Kanav (Sahil Mehta) and Ashneet (Mannat Ravi), set off on a train journey with their family and friends in tow. They are to be married when they reach their destination. However since neither Kanav nor Ashneet are ecstatic about their coming wedding and are being forced into it by their family, they use every trick in the book to convince their parents to call off the wedding. Running parallel, like the railway tracks, is the story of their best friends Chirag (Vikas Katiyal) and Priyanka (Priyam Galav) who, after a 5-year separation, are reunited on the journey. As the train trip progresses, so do these two sets of relationships and those involved find it a bumpy ride.

The good: The Punjab-da-rang is well brought out, complete with their wacky sense of humor and loud, over-the-top style. Om Puri, who plays Ashneet’s grandfather, provides the required comic relief effortlessly. There’s nothing forced about his performance which is seamlessly put together by this veteran actor.

The bad: Nothing works, really. Whether it’s the lack of strong content, the uninspiring music, shoddy screenplay or poor acting, it makes you wonder why the protagonist is in her wedding costume and the other ladies so heavily decked up, when it is after all, simply a train ride. Another mystery is why both the protagonists’ mothers simply make light of their children’s degrading and disturbing tales about their to-be-partners. The story is run-of-the-mill. You can guess at a glance where it’s heading and sitting through the movie is an uphill task.
Overall: The film offers nothing new or interesting that makes it worth trekking to the theatres to see it. To spell it out loud and clear, this one is predictable and cliched.

– Nikita Periwal

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