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Chillar Party  : Children’s power
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Friday, July 8, 2011
Children’s film
Vikas Bahl, Nitesh Tiwari
Irrfan Khan, Sanath Menon, Rohan Grover, Naman Jain, Arjun, Aarav Khanna, Vishesh Tiwari, Chinmai Chandranshuh, Vedant Desai, Divji Handa
Salim Khan, father of Salman Khan, who has produced this movie jointly with UTV, gave away his Filmfare Award (earned for scripting Zanjeer) to the directors of this movie after seeing it. We say the directors have earned it.
The plot: Let’s enter the Chandan Nagar Society. The kids’ gang consists of Ramashankar aka Akram (Rohan Grover) the fast bowler; Lucky aka Panauti (Chinmai Chandranshuh) who’s far from lucky;  Laxman aka Second Hand (Vishesh Tiwari) who bears the brunt of using second-hand stuff; Janghya (Naman Jain) who does not wear a Janghya; Silencer (Vedant Desai) the mute guy; Aflatoon (Aarav Khanna) who moves  around like a hurricane from one class to the other; Shaolin (Divji Handa) the Chini (Chinese) and finally Encyclopedia (Arjun) the constantly wisecracking one. Christened the ‘Chillar Party’ by their Society, the group functions smoothly till the arrival of Fatka – the car cleaner and his dog, Bhidu. Initial aversion for Fatka and Bhidu, is slowly replaced by a strong bond between the Chillar party and Fatka and Bhidu, as they take on the world to save their new friends.

The good: ‘Khane ka, khujane ka, batti bujha ke, so jane ka’. When a child wishes his parents goodnight with the above statement, you instantly know you are in for some serious fun. Hurl yourself whole-heartedly into this party as you take in the humour and sensibility of  children, with complete enjoyment and total acceptance. Endearing performances by the kids and the dog, a simple story backed by a sensitive theme and thoughtful direction, sums up Chillar Party. Salman Khan’s style runs as a subtle undercurrent to this film – be it Fatka removing his shirt or Janghya’s attitude. All of it draws you into the enchanting world of kids. A special mention must be made of the well-sketched character of ‘Googly’– who has his audio and video mismatched – and the ‘Chaddi March’. So powerful is the ‘connect’ to the gang of this film, you want to return to your childhood.

The bad: It falls prey to the tiniest bit of cliché, with the victory of the good-over-bad. However, this isn’t a major gripe. The only other concern is that since it’s been plugged as a children’s film, it might keep the grown-ups away, which would be a pity.

Overall: An absolute must-watch for kids, Chillar Party comes with a ‘Do – Not – Miss’ tag for audiences spanning all age groups, for its perfect blend of sensitivity,  humour and simplicity.

– Nikita Periwal

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