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Bheja Fry 2  : Greasy and unpalatable
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Friday, June 17, 2011
Sagar Ballary
Vinay Pathak, Kay Kay Menon, Suresh Menon, Minissha Lamba
Bheja Fry 2 Movie Stills
The expensive sequel to the low-cost sleeper hit Bheja Fry which made money in 2007 does little to take the brand name further.

The plot: Singer-aspirant Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) from the income-tax department is still a pain in the neck. Ajit Talwar (Kay Kay Menon) is a get-rich-quick industrialist with few scruples and fake businesses. He’s got the tax guys, led by honest South Indian Shekharan (Suresh Menon), on his trail. When Bhushan wins a reality contest and goes on a cruise, Talwar who is also on the ship, mistakes him for the enthusiastic I-T sleuth and tries to bump him off. But in the ensuing bumbling, Talwar finds himself shipwrecked and alone on an island with irksome Bhushan for company. Well, they’re not quite alone as there’s an eccentric Bengali (Amole Gupte) residing there and the never-give-up Shekharan will land there too.

The good: Really nothing, not even the performances.

The bad: Oh boy, there’s plenty here. It’s like a pie gone flat, for this comedy tries desperately but has no humour to offer in its situations or in its dialogues. You can’t even be funny with the title and say, this one addles your brains because that would indicate some sort of madcap mayhem at least while this one is a straight flat narrative. Vinay Pathak as the simpleton spouting shudh Hindi and breaking into Hindi film music is annoying in a full-length role done to death by him. Even the normally poised Kay Kay Menon is at sea quite literally.

Overall: This Bheja Fry will give you indigestion.    

– Bharathi S Pradhan     

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