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Logan Lucky  : Christ, What A Heist
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Friday, September 8, 2017
Steven Soderbergh
Daniel Craig, Adam Driver

Writer Rebecca Blunt provides the base for champion heist filmmaker Steven Soderberg to direct a rustic version of his Oceans’series.Instead of a casino, he places Logans’ robbery against the throb of a race car track.


As always, there has to be one leader who puts together a team. Soderberg has Jimmy Logan with a limp fired from his job as a miner. Unemployed but with a mine of information on how cash is funnelled and collected underground on a good racing day, Logan visits his brother Clyde, a bartender. Clyde has one hand missingand as someone in the bar throws as a taunt, ‘Between the two of them they’re one person.’ Enough grounds for a quick fight, a car to be blown up and the sibling chemistry to come through. Channing Tatum and Adam Driver amp it up as the Logan brotherswith sheer presence more than soppy lines.


Jimmy has a to-do list to pull off the perfect robbery but an undercurrent of frivolity prevails even when they visit an explosives expert who’s serving time in prison. Joe Bang is his name, colourful with tattoos, blonde, muscular and cheeky with an underlying menace that could erupt without warning. Bang can’t believe how audacious Logan’s plan is. “You’ll get me to break jail, commit the robbery and be back here the same day?” he smirks.


They do just that with another Logan, sister Mellie at the wheel.


As with all robberies, smart planning has to be sometimes abandoned for on-the-spur moves when the unexpected crops up. That’s what gives the twists and thriller moments like Hilary Swank entering as an FBI agent and frowning, “I hate air-tight alibis.”


With a few more sharp turns and everything neatly wrapped up, Soderberg keeps the door ajar for a

sequel. As long as the next one too is fun and there’s Daniel Craig as edgy Joe Bang in it, we’re game.


For a fun robbery that’s well-written, well-directed and well-performed, Logan Lucky gets a 3.5* rating.


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan

Senior Journalist & Author
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