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Tere Mere Phere  : Earplugs, please
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Friday, September 30, 2011
Romantic comedy
Deepa Sahi
Vinay Pathak, Riya Sen, Jagrat Desai, Sasha Goradia

What overwhelms you is the sheer volume as a honeymoon trip around the tranquil Himalayas turns into an eardrum-shattering slanging match.

The plot: It’s love at first sight for Rahul (Jagrat Desai) and Pooja (Sasha Goradia) when they spot each other at a wedding, leading to chat mangni pat byah. Theyembark on a unique honeymoon – motoring around picturesque Himachal in a caravan. But soon the idyllic road trip falls apart and the bickering begins, turning into full-blown battles as the ideal newlyweds slump into the typical nagging-wife vs roving-eye-husband conundrum. There are ear-splitting yells as the arguments begin.  

Within three days of the honeymoon, the marriage is almost over when Jai (Vinay Pathak) enters. Since he has to reach Shimla before 5 pm to stop his love Muskaan (Riya Sen) from getting engaged to some other man, he hitches a ride with the quarrelling honeymooners whose fights had created a ruckus on his flight. Oh yeah, there’s an explanation thrown in that their equation had turned so bitter, they’d dumped their caravan and hopped aboard a plane. Now they’re back in the caravan with Jai as passenger!

The good: The war of the sexes after marriage is depicted in an amusing and light manner. Applicable to almost every married couple today, it enhances the ‘relatability’ quotient. The honeymoon on wheels is unique, the locations depicted amidst the imposingly enticing Himalayas dotted with crystal clear rivers making it a delightful visual excursion.  
As for the performances, Vinay Pathak is as reliable as ever and he effortlessly takes forward a journey which could otherwise have been a drag. Newcomers Jagrat and Sasha complement each other and are passable, though at times they do get screechy and need to tone it down a bit.

The bad: Annoyingly loud, the road trip, marked with ‘Mars and Venus’ battles which could have been amusing, is far too predictable and childish. The part where Vinay refuses to marry Muskaan, which may have been meant as a funny eye-opener to warring married couples, falls flat. Even the film’s length seems stretched, with the endless fights shown repeatedly, topped with deafening screams and yells. Riya Sen is a total misfit as a pahaadi mirch, her screen stint resembling a primary school spoof rather than professional acting.
The film’s predictability is illustrated in an incident where the honeymooners give a seedy-looking couple who wind up looting them and fleeing. It’s so obvious and in-your-face that it elicits no reaction from the viewer, least of all surprise.
A stronger script, lower decibels, more interesting incidents of the road trip kind and smarter direction by Deepa Sahi, could have perhaps saved TMP. But then that would mean an entirely different film altogether!

Overall: A light theme turns unbearably heavy.
Warning: Carry some cotton wool or earplugs – the screams can get ear-splitting.
– Pooja Thakkar

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