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FORCE  : Too ‘force’d
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Friday, September 30, 2011
Nishikant Kamath
John Abraham, Genelia D’Souza, Mohnish Bahl, Sandhya Mridul, Vidyut Jammval
FORCE Movie Stills
An upright, beefy cop out to bust the narcotics gangs, gets a little distracted by wide-eyed Maya (Genelia D’Souza).

The plot: ACP Yash Vardhan (John Abraham) wears tattoos and a stubble and he pummels, punches and beats the brains out of narcotic dealers. A dance teacher called Maya (Genelia D’Souza) does ‘Asin of Ghajini-like’ things like riding a scooter and giving lifts to senior citizens. The ACP is focussed on wiping out the drug lords, Maya is focussed on becoming a part of the brawny cop’s life forever. An effete police chief (Raj Babbar) forms a task force of four headed by ACP Yash Vardhan to take on the drug menace that’s taking lives all over the city. The four beat, bash and gun down four major gangs with accurate lowdown supplied by a new informer. Turns out the informer himself was working for Anna (Mukesh Rishi) who wanted the scene cleared for him to take over and monopolise the business. Joining Anna is his brother Vishnu (Vidyut Jammval), a terror on two legs, who arrives in a boat and promptly shoots dead the informer to establish how ruthless his agenda is. When the gang of four cops shoot down Anna, they and their women become Vishnu’s pet targets for mayhem and murder. But ACP Yash Vardhan completes his job after much bloodshed, brain-spilling and bullets.
The good: John as ACP Yash Vardhan looks his part with the bulging biceps, the brawn and the body and let’s leave it at that.  He gets decent support from the other cops in his team including Atul Kalsekhar (Mohnish Bahl) and his wife Swati (Sandhya Mridul). Newcomer Vidyut Jammval, cast as the trigger-happy, dangerous Vishnu, is delightful in his action scenes.

The bad: Is Maya a classical dance teacher, a drama teacher or a social worker? Never mind. What she definitely is: she is very annoying. Genelia forces the I’m-so-cute, I’m-so-chirpy act with such un-cute facial expressions and a monotone that knows no modulation that you wonder why the silent man mountain didn’t find her pesky. The talkative girl-monosyllabic man love story is so ancient, it’s old wine in an older bottle. The action (thank you, Allan Amin) is full of gore and guts, the screenplay concentrating on violent fight sequences woven together by a feeble storyline.    
Force may be the authorised Hindi version of the Surya-Jyothika Tamil blockbuster Khaka Khaka but it did not need to retain the south flavour in its musical sounds (Harris Jeyraj). If the story has shifted comfortably northwards in Hindi, then the sound too should have moved away from the original location.

Maybe there’s an audience out there that wants pure violence, action for action’s sake and not because there is a story that demands it. If you’re one of them, the extra half star in the ratings is for your sake.
– Bharathi S Pradhan
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