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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan  : The Wild Indian bride
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Friday, September 9, 2011
Romantic comedy
Ali Abbas Zafar
Katrina Kaif, Imran Khan, Ali Zafar
The title says it all. Young man finds the perfect bride for his brother but voila, he falls in love with his sibling’s fiancée.

The plot: London-based Luv Agnihotri aka Bhaisaab (Ali Zafar) breaks up with Piyali, his live-in girlfriend and wants younger brother Kush (Imran Khan) to find a nice Indian bride for him. In his hunt for the best bride, Kush comes across blast from the past, Dimple aka Dee (Katrina Kaif). She’s crazy, she guzzles beer, she backslaps guys, but hey, she’s a virgin, okay? Therefore, she’s perfect bhabhi material. The families are happy. Luv in London is ready to play groom and a Barjatya style wedding ambience with plenty of bonhomie is whipped up. In the process of spending time with each other, Dimple and Kush fall in love with each other, but wake up to it only after Luv lands in India and puts an engagement ring on her finger. With the wedding just around the corner, the guests have all arrived, the families are excited and running away from home doesn’t sound a good idea for the two confused lovers. So how will they move to a happy ending? They do it by causing some more confusion.

The good: It’s meant to be a funny, feel-warm film which it is up to a point as the screenplay remains light-hearted all through. The story is simple and it entertains in places.
The performances are fair enough with the fathers and mothers bringing the requisite flavour to this big Indian shaadi.
Katrina, Imran and Ali Zafar are adequate, not outstanding. ‘Dhunki’ and ‘Isq risk’ are hummable and add to the mood of the film.

The bad: The storyline is way too predictable and there are really no interesting twists or turns to take the movie to another level. The film reminds you of Jab We Met with Katrina’s over-the-top character – even her attempt to elope looks familiar.  Also, while Kush (Imran) is particular about an elopement not being the solution for a middle-class family with values (a throwback to DDLJ sentiments), he inexplicably orchestrates her own brother’s runaway wedding!
The direction by Ali Abbas Zafar is naïve and has the expected rom-com ingredients. Like many other films, humour is created by causing confusion through dialogues and through different Bollywood songs played as a backdrop for suitable scenes. Typical!
The film also gets unrealistic at times. For instance, the portrayal of Katrina’s character in her college days and the song ‘Dhunki’ coming in from nowhere looks random, it doesn’t follow a logical chain of cause and effect.
The movie feels stretched at certain points and could be cut down by removing the not-so-funny antics which Katrina’s over-the-top character comes up with.

Overall: It’s an average attempt – if you’ve nothing better to do, it’s okay to relax with and not to tax their brains over.
– Pooja Thakkar

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