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The Peanuts Movie  : Same Old Munchies
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Friday, December 11, 2015
Animation Film
Steve Martino
Noah Schnapp, Bill Melendez, Hadley Belle Miller, Francesca Capaldi.

For those who haven’t read Peanuts comics or watched the gang on TV or on DVD, The Peanuts Movie is not the most interesting introduction to Charlie Brown or Snoopy.


For those who have met them before, The Peanuts Movie is a no-surprises re-introduction. Charles Shulz’s comic creations stay true to form in a drab sort of way.


It’s snow day for the gang which also means no school day. Charlie Brown, the neighbourhood loser, enters perkily, his spirit indomitable as always, trying to fly a kite in winter, and ends up in knots again.


Nobody’s interested in well-intentioned Charlie Brown. Even faithful dog Snoopy falls asleep when Charlie Brown’s venting about his failures. And his failures are in multiples.


Suffering from a hopeless case of “inadequacy”, how’s Charlie going to catch the eye of the cute red-haired girl who’s just moved into his class and into his heart?


Lucy dispenses wisdom for 5 cents, Linus holds his ubiquitous blanket, Schroeder plays Beethoven on the piano and Pigpen is still a cloud of dust. Snoopy the dog bangs out his flights of fantasy on a manual typewriter and goes into Walter Mitty mode as he transforms into a World War hero. Everything’s as it was in the comic books.


So what’s new?


Director Steve Martino of Ice Age: Continental Drift fame makes The Peanuts Movie without the cute madness of a good animation film.  Using strange sounds instead of showing a teacher or an adult may be Martino’s idea of novelty but it’s really more annoying than amusing.


The best that one could say is that this is a harmless watch for small kids who know no better. And yes, Charlie Brown does attract the attention of the red-haired girl who counts his endearing qualities more than his goof-ups. Also, the animation and voicing are sound even if nothing is outstanding.


For a kiddie film that’s not satisfyingly entertaining, The Peanuts Movie gets a 2.5* rating.


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan

Journalist & Author


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