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Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke  : Weary Journey
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Friday, May 24, 2013
Romantic comedy
Jyotin Goel
Dev Goel, Adah Sharma, Samrat Mukherjee
Childhood pals can only be chaddi buddies. Until they take the weirdest route from Mumbai to Pune and return in one piece to smooch in the lift.

The plot: Call centre employee Priyanka Lalwani (Adah Sharma) and computer genius (also ethical hacker) Shammi Suri (Dev Goel) are chaddi buddies and next-door neighbours. Pri has a crush on another hunky neighbour, John (Samrat Mukherjee) but goes tongue-tied before him. When Shammi decides to whiz down to Pune for a wedding and drags Priyanka along in her car, it’s the beginning of a long and tiresome night – not for the two on the screen as much as it is for the viewer in the auditorium. Shammi inexplicably avoids the Express Highway and takes a jungle route at night to Pune. If that requires examining your mental faculties, Pri and he encounter a rowdy bunch that keeps turning up whenever the script wants some action, escape from a hospital manned by a paan-chewing surgeon, chase John who has also taken the same strange route, turn a dhaba upside down and finally hack a computer under a cop’s watch to save a life and show that the hero does have a heart after all. Ho hum, but where’s the brain in all this mayhem?

The good: Adah isn’t too bad a performer especially in the first few scenes. Writer-director Jyotin Goel has a sophisticated sense of humour that unfortunately doesn’t quite connect.

The bad: The enforced comic situations en route fall like a failed soufflé, there are four Chunky Pandays (one ain’t enough?), Dev Goel, the young man on debut, has a long way to go before he can be called an actor, the guest appearances (by Sanjay Dutt, Juhi Chawla, Rati Agnihotri et al) are singularly un-spectacular, Adah is unkempt and needs grooming urgently and...You seriously want this list to go on?

Overall: Take the expressway and drive away, fast.
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