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Go Goa Gone  : Go Have Fun
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Friday, May 10, 2013
Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK
Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Puja Gupta, Arvind Tiwary
Let’s escape those khooni Mondays and break free with a trio of buddies to Goa. But hey, what kind of rave party is going on here? On a bloody island full of wicked zombies, there’s not a human in sight. Until the hero who ‘kills the dead’ swaggers in. Twisted tale? You bet. But the light as fluff treatment of harsh-as-death situations makes this an endearing experience.

The plot: Luv (Vir Das) is loveless and Hardick (Kunal Khemu) is jobless when they tag along with sincere hardworking buddy, Bunny (Arvind Tiwary) to Goa. Their quest for babes, booze and dope lands them at a mafia rave party on a remote island far away from humanity. A night long revelry of fun and frolic follows but ends with the first rays of sun and a round of howling zombies. Run, boys, run. They do just that to escape when Luv does a U-turn to free his latest love interest Luna (Puja Gupta) from the blood-thirsty cannibals.  The threesome turns into four who want to flee from there and a fifth enters – Boris (Saif Ali Khan) from the Russian mob who knows how to slay the zombies.  It’s the fun treatment of a survival story, with some faulty logic, which makes this zom-com thriller a ride worth taking.

The good: The boys get almost killed by the zombies and even as they are being chased, they break into an argument on how different zombies are from vampires and who has better GK. It’s the ludicrousness of their banter even in such a bizarre situation that makes it a super-fun affair, in the same space as Delhi Belly. Quirky one-liners (screenplay and dialogue: Krishna DK, Raj Nidimoru and Sita Menon) and a fresh, youthful screenplay keep you chuckling. Sample the translation of BJP as ‘Bharatiya Joint Party’ with truckloads of similar humour and young adults will be hooked.

Save some brownie points for the quick and efficient writing which comes straight to the point without lingering on ‘back stories’.

It stays close to reality most of the time and does exactly what normal people do to deal with say, a break-up. Giving the conventional route a skip, clichés are dispensed with.
Raj and DK put in a strong effort and succeed with a perfect blend of situational comedy and verbal punches.

The three boys fit well into their space. Puja Gupta too, makes her presence felt but like most heroines doesn’t have much to do.

The track ‘Slowly slowly’ picks up quickly-quickly and gets applause for its bold lyrics. ‘Khooni Monday’ and ‘Babaji ki booty’ have also turned out well (Sachin-Jigar).

The bad: Saif Ali Khan carries around a whiff of Tashan and appears slightly puerile with the golden hair and all that jazz.  Sadly, he looks like a psychopath and behaves like one as well but it’s his character that’s strange, perhaps not the actor himself. The twist in the tale or call it the climax, is a definite disappointment as it goes a little overboard, pushing the audience’s patience to tolerating randomness.

Of course there is a huge lapse of logic here. It seems like too much preference has been given to retaining the feel-good factor of the film which makes the story fall apart, going overboard with the chases and not doing much with the zombies.
The humour gets ‘pervy’ at times but refrains from turning too vulgar. Be warned though: it is outright adult stuff.

Overall: The three buddies trip (Dil Chahta Hai, Delhi Belly, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara) works again. With its heart in the right place and humour all over, give Saif credit for producing something different in India. Go Goa for a breath of fresh air.

– Pooja Thakkar

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