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Commando  : Totally In Command
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Friday, April 12, 2013
Dilip Ghosh
Vidyut Jamwal, Pooja Chopra, Jaideep Ahlawat
It gives you what it promises – loads of action. It’s wonderfully choreographed (by action director Franz Spilhaus) and skilfully executed by Vidyut Jamwal in a one-man show. Add to it Jaideep Ahlawat’s wicked-as-Satan act and you have a complete paisa vasool fare for single screens and action junkies.

The plot: Captain Karanveer Dogra aka Karan, one of India’s best commandos, crashes in his helicopter near the Chinese border during a routine practice session. But the Chinese won’t buy that story and the netas this side are quick to disown him. Enough fodder to fuel Karan’s revenge against politicians once he escapes and returns to India.

Somewhere up north, feisty Simrit Kaur (Pooja Chopra) has caught the fancy of wicked local goon and politician Amrit Kawal Singh alias AK 74 (Jaideep Ahlawat). She runs from the menace right into Karan’s bulging biceps. With politicians already his target of ire, Simrit’s fight becomes his own.

The good: The star who plays a stellar role here is Franz Spilhaus whose action sequences are several rungs higher than the school-level combats normally seen in Hindi cinema. And Vidyut is perfect for the task. You don’t even notice that he doesn’t need to act/emote as he’s electrifying in the excellently directed action sequences. Tall with clean features and a taut, chiseled body to match, Vidyut keeps you riveted.

Jaideep Ahlawat is the quintessential bad man and he plays it with all the menace in his armour.
Pooja as Punjaban Simrit is suitably fiery and likeable, never mind if she’s no classic beauty.
 Some of the dialogues are witty like when AK says, "Tu mujhe jaanta nahi hai", Karan responds, "India mein tuchche se tuchche aadmi ko ye bolne ki aadat padd gayi hai.” Sejal Shah’s excellent camerawork is another delight that captures the beautiful scenic locales and the variety of action sequences. ‘Saawan bairi’ (music director Mannan Shah and singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) is soothingly different and should catch on. The item song (clearly an addition for the front-bencher) is nowhere close to the old ‘Mungda’ number (picturised on Helen in Inkaar) even if it has the same word occurring in every stanza.

The bad: Simrit’s reaction to Karan getting hurt is much more aggressive than watching her parents die in front of her eyes although it has hurt her just as much or even more.
The brutal third degree given to Karan is too violent. The action sequences and stunts are stunning but also gory.

Writer Ritesh Shah could have come up with a better story instead of running an old, conventional loop. But it’s strictly for the stunts that you’re in your seat, right?

Overall: A solo show by Franz Spilhaus and Vidyut Jamwal, with Jaideep ably adding the evil quotient, it’s straight, linear stuff. Go for it if you’re an action junkie.

Priyanka Ketkar

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