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Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story  : Jayantabhai Ki Cliché Kahani
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Friday, February 15, 2013
Vinnil Markan
Vivek Oberoi, Neha Sharma, Nassar, Zakir Hussain, Rahul Singh, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi and Raj Singh Arora
Boy meets girl; boy is a gunda, she’s a good girl but Cupid still strikes. So what’s new? Answer: Nothing.

The plot: Simran (Neha Sharma) is the victim of recession, scams and politics, and has to move out of her posh flat to a rented place. Worse, her neighbor is cowardly gangster Jayantabhai (Vivek Oberoi) but she falls in love all the same with his goofy good nature. Simran job hunts, Jayantabhai has to solve his own work issues and he undergoes a transformation. Meanwhile, although both of them love each other, it is left unspoken and as fate deems it, there’s a separation before the happy ending.

The good: It is wonderful to see Vivek Oberoi back in form. He is an absolute delight; his comic timing is impeccable, and, although the dialogues are forced and silly (not his fault, blame writer Kiran Kotrial), he manages to pull them off. Last but not the least, his robust toned look suits him well. To the credit of the writer, he has twisted the abuses hurled by Vivek to make them sound funny and watchable for the family audience. Neha Sharma is charming and has a refreshing screen presence. Nassar as Big Don Alex Pandian is decent. Nikhil Ratnaparkhi as the landlord shines amongst the rest of the cast.

The bad: No plot, nothing new, and cliché-ridden too. Simran’s job interviews are all ugly cases of the casting couch while Jayantabhai doesn’t seem to be a gangster from any angle except for his tapori Hindi and a few fisticuffs. Their sudden love is completely forced. Even the gangsters don’t seem inclined to do anything really menacing. With no rhyme, no rhythm, the whole experience is inconsequential and the climax is ridiculous.

Overall: For a few moments of watchable Vivek, you don’t want to sit through 2 hours and 8 minutes of Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story.

–  Priyanka Ketkar
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