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Ghost  : Doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance
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Are you kidding?
Friday, January 13, 2012
Puja Jatinder Bedi
Shiney Ahuja, Sayali Bhagat Introducing Russian actor Julia Bliss
Horror, mystery and the supernatural, with a random romantic angle thrown in, topped with a blood bath and random killings.
The plot: City Hospital where Dr Suhani (Sayali Bhagat) is an intern, is the scene of a series of gruesome murders. Enter efficient detective Vijay Singh (Shiney Ahuja) to solve the case and restore the reputation of the hospital. It’s work and play as love blossoms between the cop and the doc even as the baffling murders continue, until Vijay Singh tracks down the culprit.

The good: Possibly, the only good thing about this film is that it acts as a comeback vehicle for Shiney Ahuja. Sadly, he fails to shine in the film.

The bad: Right from the unconvincing setup to the poor storyline, ridiculous outfits and confused direction, Ghost serves as a perfect example of how a film should not be made. Sayali Bhagat who looks, dresses and acts more like a model than a doctor, would have looked out of place even if she was a mere prop in the film, while Shiney’s acting will make you realize how desperate he was just to be a part of any film. Unnecessary punctuations with songs, cheesy dialogues like ‘Mujhe laga ki tumhara saara jadoo tumhari aankhon mein hain, but you are amazing with your eyes closed also’ only add to the mediocrity of the film. Quite a few journalists walked out before the film ended, while others fled as soon as the end credits rolled.
Overall – Warning: It might just put you off the horror, mystery genre and possibly films too.

– Nikita Periwal

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