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Don 2  : The King is back without a bang
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Friday, December 23, 2011
Action - Thriller
Farhan Akhtar
Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Lara Dutta (Special Appearance), Kunal Kapoor, Aly Khan, Om Puri
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We go globe-trotting this time. Don, the boss of drug lords in Asia, now wants to expand his field of operations to Europe. In the process he dodges the gyaarah mulko ki police as well as his enemies but the game of hide-and-seek is uninteresting and doesn’t live up to the hype.

The plot: Don is the kingpin in Asia, now he sets his sights on the markets of Europe. So the baddies there decide to bump him off. As part of an intricately-planned scheme, he surrenders to the Malaysian Police, Interpol Headquarters. There Detective Mallik (Om Puri) and the relentless Roma (Priyanka Chopra) take over the case and interrogate the dreaded Don.

Meanwhile Don befriends his old foe Vardhaan (Boman Irani) and uses this valuable contact to escape from jail.

His target: To loot Deutsche Bank Berlin of its currency plates by blackmailing Diwan (Alyy Khan) who became the vice-president of the bank under fraudulent circumstances. He uses a similar ploy to set up a team to help him rob the bank. Eventually his own team-mates betray him and the police oppose him. The remarkably adroit Don uses his pre-planned tricks to deceive them all and escape alive, with the plates of course.

The good: The performances are polished; Shah Rukh is effortless as Don, though his pompous persona gets a little annoying at times. Priyanka does her job decently but somewhere her portrayal lacks the spark it once had. Boman Irani, Alyy Khan and Om Puri are competent. Don fans may like the dialogues, as they keep flattering him right through, and add humour to the film.

The film is shot beautifully by cinematographer Jason West, as locations keep shifting from the beautiful French Riviera to Malaysia to Zurich to Berlin.

The bad: The film has a weak plot. The story by Farhan Akhtar disappoints, especially with the kind of standards it set with the first film. It’s predictable most of the time and lacks those twists and turns which the genre it belongs to generally demands. From the jail break to the robbery plan to breaking into Deutsche Bank in Berlin, nothing really has something out-of-the-world. The plot also has plenty of loopholes.

Even the detailing hasn’t been taken care of. When Roma gets shot after going through some really tough fights, she still has her make-up on! In the endless scene where Roma is chasing Don, in spite of the car crashing several times, not a strand of her hair is out of place!

Now for the music. There’s no catchy chartbuster, as Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy fail to create even one memorable song and the film totally depends on the old Don theme. The action sequences aren’t that exhilarating, nothing to write home  about, the fights are ordinary and so are the chases. Thereby, even in the department where it is supposed to deliver it fails once again, with nothing new to offer.

The film gets illogical as it is hard to believe how Vardhaan got convinced and so readily helped Don to escape from jail, in spite of Don having fooled him earlier.The romantic angle between Roma and Don kills the theme. She has the option of shooting Don or being shot by Don’s enemies and she chooses to get shot! Amidst a serious fight she gets all emotional and cranky which is unpalatable and is hard to digest, as she hated Don with a passion just a few minutes ago. Remember he had killed her brother.

The whole plan of breaking into the security vault of the bank doesn’t sound interesting and again lacks novelty. The film gets a bit too self-obsessive as the Don keeps yakking away, flattering himself and warning people about his awesomeness, even as the feats are nothing special,  making his pomposity quite annoying.

Overall: Only for SRK fans, maybe!

– Pooja Thakkar

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