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Colossal  : Outlandishly Monstrous
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Friday, April 7, 2017
Nacho Vigalondo
Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Austin Stowell, Tim Blake Nelson

It’s a standard setting. Small town America with kids growing up next door to each other, going to school together. She, Gloria goes away to New York. He, Oscar continues to lead an ordinary life, looking after his father’s bar.


She’s back in town after being thrown out by boyfriend Tim who can’t cope with her lies and her night-long binges with the bottle. Oscar is thrilled, they hang out, theywork together.


But turns out, Oscar’s just a mean jerk. It seems he was always jealous of her even in their childhood, always resented her for being better than him.


At some stage Gloria tells Oscar that she alwaysthought he wanted her, was possessive of her, maybe even stalked her. So did she have a brain fade about it? Why does she continue befriending such a claustrophobic personeven after seeing that unhinged streak in him?


Okay, she herself is flawed, damaged, ready to bottom out. But self-discovery and recovery take the shape of a narcissistic American who believes that their petty interpersonal issues impact the world.


There’s a monster stomping Koreans in a public spot in Seoul. In a preposterous premise, Gloria walking home through the local playground and park in a drunken stupor finds she’s connected tothe monster. What Gloria does on a particular patch in the park at 8.05 am is exactly what the monster replicates in Seoul. That sobers her up coz she’s now got the big responsibility to see that she, the monster, doesn’t kill any more Koreans. The Koreans themselves are too helplessly stupid to move away and they keep crowding the same street night after night. But Oscar emotionally manipulates Gloria because he can stomp all over Seoul too, and only she can stop him from killing many more Koreans.Oh, America, please stop hallucinating about your importance.


Writer-director Nacho Vigalondo tries hard to salvage a familiar alcoholic’s story by bringing in a monster angle. You know, the meet and slay the monster within you, kind of message. But do spare Korea and the rest of the world please when you deal with your demons.


I’m sure there’ll be many who’ll extol the special effects of the monster who appears, destroys and disappears like vapour. But I’m not sure we need to be impressed by computer graphics anymore.


Anne Hathaway’s fans will perhaps sit through this bizarre monster experience although as Gloria, wide-eyed over the power she wields, she doesn’t particularly do anything we haven’t seen her do before.  It’s awkward watching Jason Sudeik is go from nice to nasty in a clunky screenplay.


For a film that requires a leap of faith that few will be able to take, Colossal gets a 2.5* rating.


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan

Senior Journalist & Author


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