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Tutak Tutak Tutiya  : The Ghost Who Flaunts
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Friday, October 7, 2016
A. L. Vijay
Prabhudheva, Sonu Sood, Tamannaah

Prabhudevaa's regressive cinema is back along with his trademark moves.

When it’s a story about a 32-year-old Tamilian bachelor who dreams of a modern wife but has to marry a girl from his village, there’s ample room to spotlight a woman’s physical attributes. And Prabhudevaa jumps in right there with both his dancing feet to do just that. Top it up with political incorrectness to get the full picture.

Krishna hits on every girl in a short skirt and his family and friends screw up their faces with disgust before casting aside an array of prospective brides. When Krishna has to wed Devi, he makes her carry all the luggage and insults her at every turn while she valiantly cleans, cooks and cares for him.

Time-worn thoughts of not being pleased when his wife turns into Ruby and wears short clothes, dances in public and has a drink, are all par for the course in a Prabhudevaa film. Sonu Sood playing superstar  Raj Khanna who falls in love with the glamorous Ruby contributes by declaring that once she’s his wife, she won’t be allowed to work anymore.

There is a wafer-thin story of Ruby, a star aspirant who’d committed suicide, entering wife Devi’s body to fulfill her dreams of a glamorous career.  

Way back in Shantaram’s Navrang, an artist had imagined his ordinary wife as an exotic dancer. In Biwi No 1, Karisma Kapoor traded the wife’s saree for a short dress to woo her husband. So getting the wife into seductive mode before the husband falls in love with her is an old ploy and writer-director Vijay recycles it with ghost Ruby and wife Devi.

The actors, however, play their parts well. Producer Sonu Sood casts himself as superstar Raj Khanna    and acquits himself well even if flaunting his shirtless torso has become a Salman-like obsession. Prabhudevaa dances and carries off the baffled husband part with likeable efficiency. Tamannah gets  a gamut of expressions to play with and she’s credible as Devi and Ruby.

The humour with ghost Ruby around is more about fun than fear. And that works well.  It's tasteless but unpretentious cinema which will have its takers in Prabhudevaa and Sonu Sood territory in the South.

For a film that entertains an audience that hasn't moved with the times, Tutak Tutak Tutiya gets a 2.5* rating.

Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan

Senior Columnist & Author


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