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Ice Age: Collision Course  : Slumber Discourse
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Friday, July 15, 2016
Animation Film
Galen T Chu, Mike Thurmeier
Stephanie Beatriz, Robert Cardone, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Adam Devine

Scrat the Ice Age brat is back chasing his ubiquitous acorn when he unwittingly sets off a series of galactic disasters with a giant asteroid heading for earth.


To escape extinction of the mammals, Buck the weasel, Manny the mammoth and the assorted pack save themselves and the earth, making more friends on the way. The outline, as you can tell, is as outdated as a dinosaur.


Four names toplining the writing department and two directors Galen Chu and Mike Thermeier, collide to make a disaster.


There are weak attempts to humanise the adventure. Father Manny disapproves of his daughter’s fiancé Julian, mother sighs that the kids will be moving away. But the track has as much energy as a mammoth’s trot. The herd stumbles upon a bright new world of creatures living around crystals that keep them youthful. Such vanity is the human touch, I suppose. And there are giant predator birds wanting to prey on the mammals on the move.


By the time all the animals and birds join forces to save the world, the Ice Age is like the dark age of insipid cinema that has nothing new to tell. The mammoth family has a happy ending. Even Buck the weasel who’s eternally rejected as a suitor gets a girl going gooey-eyed over him.


The only person still seeking happiness is the viewer for Ice Age: Collision Course doesn’t add value to the brand. Star voice-overs like Adam DeVine, Queen Latifa and Jennifer Lopez give proficiency to the dialogues but that cannot be a substitute for freshness in the adventure.


For an animation film in 3D that lacks novelty, Ice Age: Collision Course gets a 2* rating.


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan
Senior Journalist & Author



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