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One Night Stand  : Girls Just Cannot Have Fun
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Friday, May 13, 2016
Jasmine D'Souza
Tanuj Virwani, Sunny Leone

Tucked away at the end of the film is a worthy statement from the female team of writer Bhavani Iyer and director Jasmine D’Souza. Why, asks Sunny Leone, is it okay for a man to have a one-night stand but not for a woman?


Good point but to get to it, you traverse creatively unimaginative territory that goes from Phuket to Pune. Urvil Raisingh is a hotshot events manager, the hands-on blue-eyed boy of the company. He’s diligent, he’s a team-player. He’s also accurate at sizing up a girl and he’s always available for a quick fling.


So why should his one-night stand with Celina in Phuket be any different? It isn’t, so he slides back into the waiting arms of his no-career wife Simran who cooks, cleans and keeps home for him.


But can Celina do the same and slip back into domesticity with her husband and child? Urvil can’t stand the thought that she too can be so casual about a one-nighter with him. And the resentment brews so much in him that he turns into a stalker, blackmailer and wife-abuser.


There are points where Urvil is shown as a man who can do what he likes but won’t even entertain the idea of his wife straying from the fold.


A premise with so much promise is mauled by a heavy dullness in both the writing and direction. Topped with pouty Sunny Leone who’s a turn-off the moment she starts her monotonic dialogue delivery, One Night Stand is a film without foreplay or climax. Even wife Simran driving maniacally to get a confession out of Urvil is not adrenaline-pumping or edge-of-the-seat.


If Sunny and the title are the main attractions, the lovemaking is so banal that you can let your five-year-old watch it and he’ll go back to playing a video game out of boredom.


Told from Urvil’s perspective, the film belongs to young Tanuj Virwani and he looks the part of the straying young events hotshot. Wife Simran played by Nyra Banerjee is pretty. But nobody’s on fire as a performer out here. And that includes the music, the writer and the director. There are many potholes in the narration, the main one being, ‘Why is the fling with Celina different from the rest especially when Urvil is back with his wife without a squirm?’ It could’ve been glossed over with fabulously refreshing filming and great music but that’s perhaps expecting too much from routine players.


For a film where the excitement begins and ends with the title, One Night Stand gets a 2*5 rating.


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan
Senior Journalist & Author


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