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Rocky Handsome  : Blood Spill Without A Thrill
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Friday, March 25, 2016
Nishikant Kamat
John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Nishikant Kamat, Sharad Kelkar

Inspired by the Korean film The Man From Nowhere, Nishikant Kamath’s version also goes nowhere. KabirAhlawat is a mystery man but after a series of stylishly executed action shots and cruelty in tons, the fragmented storytellingleaves you feeling disconnected and dissatisfied.


Korean sensibilities which dwell on extreme inhuman acts like gouging out eyes and organs while a victim is still alive, result in a dark experience that provides no adrenaline rush. Roughly, the story’s about a silent hunk who turns out to be someone you shouldn’tmess with. But Goa’s drug and organ dealers Kevin and his maniacal brother wake up this sleeping tiger by nabbing Naomi, the little kid next door who calls him “Handsome”.The problem is, the bond forged between Handsome and Naomi is so forced and superficial that it isn’t endearing. One sample is a scene where Naomi tells Handsome why she’s nicknamed “Dustbin”. The mush is so obviously tailored to milk its sentimental value that you don’t feel any empathy.


There are no surprises either. After flashes of a wife from mystery man’s past, what happened to her or who mystery man really is, don’t require any wild guesses.


And the relentless gore soon gets to be a bore.For instance, a close-up of the hero carving out a bullet lodged somewhere in his six-pack, has been seen so many times in so many films that even the starkness has no novelty.


So who should watch Rocky Handsome?  Anybody who wants to keep ogling John Abraham’s bare torso will get an eyeful of it every few minutes. Anybody who likes action scenes withouta coherent link, will be satiated. And sadists who like watching a twisted villain use and abuse children and other victims will find it fulfilling.


One favourable point is that unlike Prakash Jha who recently cast himself as the villain and the hero of Jai Gangaajal with disastrous results, NishikantKamat doesn’t give himself too much footage as cruel Kevin. But that’s not sufficient to make up for a script without depth.


For noire cinema that’s all style and bile, Rocky Handsome gets a 2* rating.


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan

Senior Journalist & Author


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