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Teraa Surroor  : Notes That Fail To Thrill
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Friday, March 11, 2016
Shawn Arranha
Himesh Reshammiya, Naseeruddin Shah, Monica Dogra

A musical and a thriller is what I ventured out to watch. Perhaps the biggest letdown was that T-Series and Himesh Reshammiya joined forces to recycle the singer-composer’s old chartbusters Tera mera tera suroor, Assalaam Walekum and Tanhaiyaa without even attempting a new sound.


It flags off stylishly with a melodious remix of Reshammiya’s sur and suroor alongside some snazzy credit titles. But soon fails to go beyond it and you’re left with just picture postcards of beautiful Ireland.


The thriller is encapsulated in one sentence: poker-faced killer Raghu wants to know, who framed his girlfriend Tara Wadia on a trumped-up drug charge?  Tara squeaks that it’s someone called Aniruddh Brahmin she befriended on Facebook.


Raghu takes Tara home after executing a childish jailbreak from a Dublin prison and sets off to kill Aniruddh.


Are you wondering, where are the thrills in this?  I’m afraid there aren’t any as the shadowy villain turns out to be a weak anti-climax, matching the chemistry-minus romance between Raghu and Tara.


Okay, no new music, no nail-biting twists. But director Shawn Arranha’s Teraa Surroor must at least have high-octane fight scenes? Sorry, we’re right out of excitement on that front too with Himesh expressionlessly gunning down a mob or two or going shirtless a la Salman Khan.


But with Shekhar Kapur, Kabir Bedi and Naseeruddin Shah embellishing the cast, surely there must be heavyweight characters worthy of such stalwarts? Apologies once again. Naseer sits on a chair and plays Santino, an expert jailbreaker whose expertise wasn’t really needed since the escape from Dublin was so devoid of brainwork. Kabir Bedi is Commissioner Khan who pops up once in a while to command, ‘Find Anirrudh Brahmin.’ And Shekhar Kapur is the Indian Ambassador to Ireland who has more English lines than Hindi.


The best thing that can be said about Himesh playing Raghu is that he has a well-maintained physique. New find Farah Karimaee playing Tara is pretty and wears a natty wardrobe.


But to return to my first wail, I do wish that Himesh had scored a bunch of fresh tunes and backed a thrilling screenplay. But since he did neither, tepid Teraa Surroor fetches a weak 2* rating. 


Reviewed by
Bharathi S Pradhan
Senior Journalist & Author


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