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Rowdy Rathore  : Wanted & Dabangg Remix
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Friday, June 1, 2012
Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha
Rowdy Rathore Movie Stills
It’s got ‘hit film’ all over. Prabhudheva is back with his honest cop and brain bashing gore that made Wanted such a big single screen winner. And Akshay Kumar is back again doing what he is best at – undiluted action. Predictable but fun if you like the sambar and vodka mix that Prabhu serves.

The plot: It’s a double whammy from Akshay Kumar as petty conman Shiva and as upright police officer ACP Vikram Rathore. Shiva hates kids and makes his living as conman with sidekick 2G (Paresh Ganatra) until the love of his life Priya from Patna (Sonakshi Sinha) enters with her enticing waistline. Just when he decides to turn a new leaf, a huge suitcase with a child in it turns his life topsy-turvy. Soon to vanish is the carefree guy who can’t stand kids as fearless cop Vikram Rathore’s life criss-crosses his. Circumstances force Shiva to switch roles with Vikram, so get ready for pure   action right until the end credits roll.

The good: This Telugu remake of Vikramarkudu is a raw concoction of nonsensical humour and resolute action with a sprinkling of south-style romance. Unapologetically brainless, it does bring on laughter even if the afterthought is, what were we laughing at? Prabhudheva gathers all the zany south Indian items at his command and puts them into every department, including the imported-from-Chennai toughies.

The peppy masala music (Sajid-Wajid) respects the genre and gives punch to the dhinchak gyrations with plenty of bare waistlines and navel displays (his and hers) and much shaking of the head like a bharat natyam dancer.

The performances are power packed as Akshay keeps the energy high all through, be it as thug, cop or lover. Worthy of mention are Yashpal Sharma who plays good cop Vishal Sharma and Paresh Ganatra.

After Dabangg Sonakshi gets much more to do and she is prescription perfect – full of pure commercial moves that are completely subservient to the hero. With her wide smiles, facial nakhras and confident dance moves, Sonakshi is precisely what the masses go for.

The story is simple and routine but with the required spices (item number, generous dose of action and front-bench pleasing comedy), the 139 minutes whizz by.

The bad: India has a prized genre which many film industries don’t possess and it’s called ‘mindless entertainers’.  This one definitely adds to the unending list where illogicality finds its new level once again. The suspension of logic is overused as the rain gods started showering the elixir of life on a dying Akshay Kumar before interval, giving him a 567th life. It’s predictable Prabhudheva fare since he seems pleased to be stuck in the Wanted rut, showing no promise of taking any new steps forward. The behind-the-screen bloopers shown alongside the end credits appear more interesting than most of the film itself.

Overall: You know what this genre is all about. If you crave for Wanted, Singham and that ilk of cinema, then Rowdy Rathore is the film for you this weekend.

– Pooja Thakkar
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