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Love, Wrinkle Free  : Quirky & Lengthy
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Friday, May 25, 2012
Romantic comedy
Sandeep Mohan
Starring: Ash Chandler, Shernaz Patel, Arika Silaichia, Seema Rehmani
It’s so offbeat that it gets bizarre and meanders off-track even as it takes a new look at fresh relations and fresh problems.

The plot: Settled in the interiors of Goa is a tiny family of three – Savio (Ash Chandler), a 38-year-old small-time sales manager of an innerwear company, his wife Anne (Shernaz Patel), 8 years older than him, who sings with the choir at the local church and struggles to run a little cafe for a living, and their adopted daughter Ruth (Arika Silaichia) who is unhappy with her Assamese looks because she doesn’t resemble her parents. Each member of the family gets involved in a crisis of his own: Anne is blissfully pregnant at an age when it is rare to conceive, Savio is frightened as he’s losing his job and Ruth feels neglected and wants to go in for surgery.

A whiff of outside breeze wafts in with Natalie (Seema Rehmani), a sensual travelling photographer, who comes between happy couple Savio and Anne. Natalie’s boyfriend Rajiv (Theron D’Souza) adds intrigue when he cons Savio and skips with all their money.

The family of three face and emerge from their crises to reunite and love is once again in the air, wrinkle-free.

The good: The storyline would grab those who go for the uncommon and the novel. There is nothing formulaic in this slice-of-life drama. The performances also save the film from being a washout. Ash Chandler, Arika Silaichia, Seema Rehmani and Shernaz Patel deliver some really raw performances. The film is quirky, it is young and it definitely has a pallet of emotions on display with realism and humour cuddling in. 

The bad: There are several characters and most of them are half-baked and undercooked. Eg. The character of Bruno and his son are so superficial that they don’t add anything to the film. In many parts, the film gets knotted up in its logic. For instance, when Savio is undergoing grave financial distress, he would ideally save his family and not get involved in something as random as being a model without pay for a yoga calendar.

There are several such loose ends thrown around. The film also gets too long to bear after a while and appears very disjointed.

Overall: A very different watch, but lacks logic and sense.

– Pooja Thakkar
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