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Friday, May 4, 2012
Romantic comedy
Rajat Kapoor
Ranvir Shorey, Gul Panag, Purab Kohli, Neil Bhoopalam, Gunjan Bakshi
Lovers separating and uniting is a fairly common concept. But a natty dead lover returning in a grossly fat body? The freshness of the film lies solely in its different approach to uniting the lovers.

The plot: Attractive Nandini (Gul Panag) and natty-trim Navin (Purab Kohli) are engaged to be married and he is in celebratory mood with friends Yash (Neil Bhoopalam) and Sudeep (Ranvir Shorey).

A car crash leads to Navin’s death and he finds himself amongst the authorities of Death in an ambience similar to an overcrowded municipal office. And, like it happens with earthly municipal officials, there’s been a mix-up. Navin wasn’t meant to die, his fat friend Sudeep was the one slated to go. With his body already cremated, Navin can’t return to his own body and if he does want to re-enter earth, he can only come back in fatso Sudeep’s shape.
Navin wants to woo Nandini back but is she going to fall for this overweight avatar she knows as Sudeep?

The good: The USP of the film is its portrayal and treatment of death which is peppered with humour. Parts of the film are interesting to watch like the theatre sequence well linked with a short film. Ranvir Shorey does full justice to his character, beautifully bringing out the transition that his character undergoes. Gul Panag doesn’t fare badly either.

The bad: A wayout idea that’s executed without wow-excitement. Although unconventionality is what sets the film apart, it is stretched so much that even at just about 2 hours, it feels tediously long. Nothing stands out as an exhilarating must-watch, including the music (Sagar Desai). There are a few sequences such as Yash’s girlfriend getting drunk and attempting suicide which is irrelevant and contributes little to the narrative. Monotony enters the story (Rajat Kapoor) with the lack of a sub-plot. It gets claustrophobic too, being shut with just these handful of characters without relief, and the snail’s pace adds to the feeling that we’re getting nowhere. Nandini’s unexplained shift in affection is jerky, like someone suddenly decided to get going in some direction, never mind how you change gears.

Overall: A novel concept and Ranvir Shorey are the only anchors to a sinking tale. Can’t imagine the mass audience sitting through this one.

– Nikita Periwal
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